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Who Is This Loony?

Posted by Eric on 09.11.09

Oh great, another person who thinks what they have to say is so worthwhile and so important that everyone should be falling over every word.  Well, not so much.  Not to say I don’t talk and write a great deal, or at least will try to here, but I’m more than well aware that anything I put to print you may completely discard or disagree with.  But I think that’s perfectly normal and, in many cases, desirable because it might show you’re thinking and analyzing my words and not simply mindlessly following along.

And if you’re one of those people, you will have noticed I’ve taken a fair amount of space to really say nothing at all.  So let me amend that by giving you a brief introduction of myself and what this space is even for. I’m Eric “Jaron” Vander Linden and I have three passions in life.  The first involves anything with a good story.  Books, movies, even good video games, I love a well thought out and well presented story.  Second, I love to create things.  Anything.  Sometimes it ties into creating my own stories.  More often it comes from amateur programming and semi-professional digital imaging, such as graphic art/design, illustration,or photography.  While both of these things are doubtless important to those involved in them in a professional capacity, I’m afraid I wouldn’t have much to add that you couldn’t find from better organized and more prestigious sources.  So that leaves my last passion in life.

I love outdoor activities, particularly the sport of paintball, and that will be the primary focus of this space.  I love paintball for many reasons I can’t put well into words.  I love the adrenaline rush from a game that punishes you for making the wrong mistake ( hey, it hurts to get shot! )  I love the trust that comes from working as a team to work a field.  It’s just . . . fun! You can read my paintball bio if you want, but I’m not typing it here because I’m lazy.

But it’s late, and the muse seems to be leaving me.  I’ve got a few things in the works that will hopefully be up shortly.  But, if I haven’t scared you off by now, I’ll also open it up to the readers.  I love getting questions from others and I’d like to know what questions you’d have for me.  What do you want to see me write about?  What do you want to hear from me?  I know my pages look like crap right now because I’m still working on them, but I promise I will get them properly decorated and organized in the coming days.

Eric “Jaron” Vander Linden


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