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    • Apparently Carrington is the invisible man, again. Not only does the opposing D lose him, his own QB can't see him. #UTAHvsUSC // 5 days ago
    • What the Hell, PAC 12 refs? First you screw Utah on a delay of game, then you don't review the ball spot for the 1st down? #UTAHvsUSC // 5 days ago
    • Perfect demo why you don't just hit, you WRAP UP. C'mon Utes D, don't give them extra chances for 1st downs on second efforts. #UTAHvsUSC // 5 days ago
    • Utah loss takeaway: T. Williams can't make his reads fast enough. Why did Taylor abandon run in 2nd half? What's w/ the longsnapper issues? // 1 week ago
    • Thanks to the best brother ever @bjvanderlinden and his awesome wife, I have tickets to @Utah_Football game tonight. Woohoo, #GoUtes // 1 week ago
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Portal 2: First Impressions

Posted by Eric on 21.04.11

I can’t say I was a rabid fan of the original Portal, but I enjoyed it and found it a refreshing challenge.  No big guns, no insanely tough baddies, just a portal gun, a few turrets, and mind-warping puzzles.  So I can’t say that I was really anticipating the sequel, but I did have high hopes for it, particularly with the co-op mode.  I’m still working through the single player campaign and haven’t touched co-op yet, but so far I’ve got some mixed feelings. Read the rest of this entry »


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