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    • What the Hell, PAC 12 refs? First you screw Utah on a delay of game, then you don't review the ball spot for the 1st down? #UTAHvsUSC // 5 days ago
    • Perfect demo why you don't just hit, you WRAP UP. C'mon Utes D, don't give them extra chances for 1st downs on second efforts. #UTAHvsUSC // 5 days ago
    • Utah loss takeaway: T. Williams can't make his reads fast enough. Why did Taylor abandon run in 2nd half? What's w/ the longsnapper issues? // 1 week ago
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Portal 2: First Impressions

Posted by Eric on 21.04.11

I can’t say I was a rabid fan of the original Portal, but I enjoyed it and found it a refreshing challenge.  No big guns, no insanely tough baddies, just a portal gun, a few turrets, and mind-warping puzzles.  So I can’t say that I was really anticipating the sequel, but I did have high hopes for it, particularly with the co-op mode.  I’m still working through the single player campaign and haven’t touched co-op yet, but so far I’ve got some mixed feelings. Read the rest of this entry »


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Motorola Droid Does and Doesn’t

Posted by Eric on 23.11.09

I know, I know, I promised more on Paintball tips, but I’ve got to vent about this.

It seems like all carriers are mandating full data-plans on all their smart-phones now, so I upgraded to a Droid.  I’ve got to say I’m not a fan.  It’s a very competent device with a lot of power and potential.  It’s got a really nice display and the touchscreen works well.  It has a lot of great features on it, like the navigator, Internet browser, and the Facebook integration.  But I have to wonder how varied their product testers were.  I imagine the interface must be somewhat similar to an iPhone or even Blackberry, neither of which I’ve had much experience with, but it’s quite frustrating for someone coming from Palm OS & Windows Mobile, like me. Read the rest of this entry »

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